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Anti-corruption programs

Metafrax Group promotes honest and ethical business practices

We do not accept corrupt or fraudulent actions in any form.

In order to prevent aforementioned or other negative behavior in the activity of the group companies, individual employees or counterparties, Metafrax Group runs a Hotline.

The hotline provides an opportunity for any person to report about:

- Corruption, bribery, fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation that are being prepared or have taken place;

- Conflicts of interest within the group companies and while cooperation with counterparties;

- Abuse of authority and exceeding of authority;

- Disclosure of trade secrets.

You may send your complaints using following communication channels:

Tel.: 8 800 100 95 24;


The principles of the hotline:

- The hotline is available twenty-four hours a day;

- Confidentiality of provided information is guaranteed;

- Each complaint received will be reviewed and in the event if there being a cause appropriate inspection will be carried out.

For objective and comprehensive review of incident we ask you to provide as much information about it as possible, including:

- date and place of the incident;

- The nature of incident;

- the persons involved (workers and counterparties of Metafrax Group);

- evidences confirming the information in the report (documents, names and contractual data of participants, correspondence etc.);

- other additional information you would like to disclose.

Our anti-corruption policy can be found here.