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Karbolit Metafrax Group
About us
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About us

Karbolit JSC, a subsidiary company of Metafrax PJSC, is an industrial park of brownfield type located in Orekhovo-Zuyevo (Moscow region).

The site of the Karbolit industrial park specializes in accommodation of production and warehousing facilities. We are ready to consider enterprises of any form of ownership and industriy as potential residents. The exceptions are pharmaceutical and food companies. More than 60 residents are already working within the territory of our park. The types of production include chemical, production of construction and finishing materials, production of polymers, furniture and sanitary wares, repair of tire products, production of consumer goods.

Our advantages

  • The territory area is 53 ha
  • Convenient transport junction: 8 km to the M7 Moscow-Kazan highway, 2 km to the A108 highway, 500 meters to the Central Ring Road junction
  • The park has a railway infrastructure - railway lines and a dead end track. There is a junction to the Potochino and Orekhovo-Zuevo railway stations
  • We have our own boiler house with a capacity of 17.4 MW, own sources of confined ground water with a limit of 2 619.93 thousand cubic meters per year, process steam, free capacities for connection to electrical energy (up to 1.5 MW) and other engineering infrastructures
  • The sanitary protection area is up to 300 m
  • We can offer construction of warehousing and production facilities for the customer according to the "build-to-suit" format
  • The park has 24-hour security and video surveillance as well as access control arrangement. Convenient entry and passage to the territory is organized for the workers
  • There is a comfortable business center, free parking for employees, free parking and a resting area for truck drivers as well as a cafeteria

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Maksim Batuyev

General Director

Konstantin Varenkin

Deputy General Director – Technical Director

Sergey Shcherbakov

Head of Development Service

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Products & services

We render the following services

  • Providing of production, storage, and office facilities, land plots
  • Utilities providing company for heating supply, water supply, and wastewater disposal
  • Logistic services: warehousing, repacking, safekeeping, 3PL storage, fork-type loaders operation, check weighing at railweight units and autoscales, miscellaneous logistic services
  • General contracting services for construction and maintenance of buildings and structures
  • Operational services: power-consuming equipment and utility networks maintenance and operation, small maintenance
  • Built-to-suit services, buildings construction according to customer’s requirements, only the further rent is paid
  • Miscellaneous service

Conditions for arrangement in the industrial park

Document Document

Resident questionnaire

Document Document


We are specialized in production companies arrangement, providing of warehouse capabilities, as well as repacking of commodity stocks and supplies according to the “railway-auto”, “auto-auto” formats, including “Regional warehouse” format upon your request. We are open for any industrial sectors, except for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

PJSC Metafrax Chemicals

Metadynea, LLC

Factory MR Wood

SloSan, LLC

Fenoplast, LLC

Management of Federal Service for State Registration


Vazaplast, LLC

Russkiye Kresla, LLC

Vacuumtech, LLC


Ekodom, LLC



Internal security policy

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Information disclosure

Importnant information

According to Article 30 of Federal Law No. 39-ФЗ dd. 22.04.1996 «Concerning the Securities Market» that is provided for issuer of securities in terms of which securities prospectus was registered and according to Order No. 73-12-63/ПЗ-И dd. 20.01.2012 of the RO FSFR of Russia in Central Federal District, JSC Karbolit is free from its obligation for information disclosure in form of Quarterly Report.

Page address in information and telecommunication network Internet where the additional information regarding JSC Karbolit corporate activity is disclosed

Copies of documents are provided to the Company securities owners and to other involved persons at their request in return for a fee within 7 days from the date of provision of the relevant written query.

Cost of copy of one document sheet is RUB 6.15 including 18% VAT.

The expenses for document copies are paid based on an issued invoice under the following details:

INN 5034050168

KPP 503401001

PJSC Sberbank, Moscow

Bank account 40702810940310100074 in Orekhovo-Zuevo Branch of Sberbank No. 1556/078, Orekhovo-Zuevo

Correspondent account 30101810400000000225

Payee's bank is PJSC Sberbank, Moscow

BIC 044525225

JSC Karbolit Articles of Agreement


JSC Karbolit Regulation of Board of Directors


JSC Karbolit Regulation of Group for Internal Revision


JSC Karbolit Regulation of General Shareholders Meeting


JSC Karbolit Personal Data Processing Policy


Company card


Permit of employees of work contractors for performance of construction and installation works


Materials for the AGM 25.06.2021

7z Archive

Annual report of JSC "Karbolit" for 2020

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The information is posted in accordance with the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation dd. 17.01.2013 N 6 (version dd. 31.03.2018, as amended on 30.04.2020) "On the standards of information disclosure in the field of water supply and drainage" (with amendments and appendices that became effective from 01.01.2019) as well as the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation dd. January 21, 2004 N 24 "On approval of information disclosure standards by subjects of the wholesale and retail electricity markets" (with amendments and appendices).

Water drainage

Water drainage


Order No. 324-R dd. 18.12.2020 on the rate for the transportation of waste water for 2021


Water supply

Water supply


Order No. 323-R dd. 18.12.2020 on rates for water supply and drainage for 2021


Heat supply

Heat supply


Electric power transmission

Disclosure of information


Personal account of "Karbolit" JSC


Calculator for calculation of the cost of process connection


Order No. 297-R of 18.12.2020 on the electricity transmission tariff for 2021

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Contact us

Karbolit Metafrax Group

Address: Russia, Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Dzerzhinskogo Str., 34